Awesome Features

Online Registration

Fast track player registrations by letting them complete the registration process online. League administrators can create teams and nominate team owners. Team owners can then invite players to allow them to complete the registration process in a few easy steps.

Fans can also sign up to search and follow leagues and teams to consult when and where the next games are taking place, or see how teams or players are going by checking results, standings or statistics.


Create simple or complex baseball leagues with multiple classifications and divisions, and grant access to others to help you manage it or score games.

League logos can be uploaded, and league pages provide easy access to their teams, last results, full schedule, standings and league leaders.


Define teams and rosters in a matter of minutes.

Team logos can be uploaded, and team pages provides easy access to their rosters, last results, full schedule, standings and team leaders.


Creating a full schedule doesn’t have to be a nightmare; League Hub facilitates the creation of games in less than a minute.

Game venues can be specified, allowing fans and players to access google map directions directly from the game page, and team owners can define and publish team lineups in advance.


Consult wins, losses, runs scored and allowed, and how teams are positioned compared to others in their own classification and division.


Use an excel-like interface to quickly input game results to calculate team and player statistics. Statistics can be sorted to easily search category leaders.


Search players and see where they played in previous seasons and their respective statistics. Similar to leagues and teams, players can also upload their photo.


Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.Send game notifications to request player availability and consult who can and can’t go to each game.

Players can advise their availability with a single click through the email notification.

Notifications can be sent to some or all members by selecting each person or those with certain status (e.g. those who have not responded).


Track fees and payments online, knowing who has paid and who hasn't, how much has been received and how much is still outstanding. Record cash payments and enable online credit card payments that will be credited to your bank account.


It is easy to notify others when a ground is closed, a game is rescheduled or a team has forfeited.

Leagues Hub allows team administrators and team members to easily contact others. Only select teams, roles or players to be contacted, specify the message and let the system distribute it for you.


Make sure team members do not forget to bring things to ball games. With Leagues Hub you can easily allocate duties to team members on every game. Just describe the task or item and select who is responsible for bringing it.